My Joynt Family

My 3 x great grandparents were Henry Joynt, farmer and Jane (nee Joynt) daughter of Dudley Joynt (farmer.)

It is believed that the family originated from the Ballycastle area of Co. Mayo, Ireland, although I am still trying to establish exactly where.

My 3 x great grandmother, Jane Joynt, was living in England in 1861, with 5 children, described as a widow. Also living in the same area were two other Joynt families, William and Ann Joynt and Dudley and Elizabeth Joynt.

At 14 Barton Street, off Liverpool Road, Manchester. There are no occupations listed for the people below:

Name Relation Married/Single Age Occupation Birth Place
Jane Joynt Head Widow 36 Ireland
Margaret Joynt Daughter S 16 Ireland
Henry Joynt Son S 13 Ireland
Frances Joynt Daughter S 9 Ireland
James Joynt Son S 6 Manchester
Elizabeth Joynt Daughter S 1 Manchester
William Pixton Boarder Widower 46 Stretford
John Pixton Boarder S 13 Stretford

This family were living at 25 Cowcill Street, Chorlton-Upon-Medlock.

Name Relation Married/Single Age Occupation Birth Place
William Joynt Head M 43 Police Constable Ireland
Ann Joynt wife M 42 Ireland
George Joynt Son S 13 Shop boy Manchester
Mary Ann Joynt daughter S 12 Scholar Manchester
Margaret Joynt Daughter S 11 Scholar Manchester
William H. Joynt Son S 8 Scholar Manchester
James Joynt Son S 5 Scholar Manchester
Charles Joynt Son S Under 1 Manchester

At number 44 Cowcill Street are:

Name Relation Married/Single Age Occupation Birth Place
Dudley Joynt Head M 47 Day Labourer Ireland
Elizabeth Joynt wife M 47 Ireland
Catherine Joynt Daughter S 23 Cotton Weaver Ireland
Elizabeth Joynt Daughter S 21 Dressmaker Ireland
Mary Joynt Daughter S 19 Cotton Weaver Ireland
John Joynt Son S 16 Labourer Ireland
Isaac Joynt Son S 13 Scholar Ireland
George Joynt Son S 5 Scholar Ireland

About Me

I am directly descended from Margaret Joynt, daughter of Jane and her deceased husband Henry Joynt (occupation – farmer.) I know all three
families are connected from the evidence I have found over the last fourteen years, the only problem is that I still have to establish exactly how.
I suspect Jane is the sister of Dudley as her maiden name was also Joynt before her marriage, I also know her father was Dudley Joynt,
farmer. I suspect William could be either Jane and Dudley’s brother or their brother-in-law, Henry’s brother.

Why did they all leave Ireland and settle in England?

I suppose I will never truly know but suspect it could be linked to the potato famine in Ireland.

Do we know where in Ireland the families are from?

As yet I have not been able to find any trace of any of the families in Ireland but we do know from census information that Dudley and
Elizabeth’s children Catherine and Mary were both born in Co. Mayo. Mary actually states her place of birth as Ballycastle, Co. Mayo on the
1911 census. Family folklore from a 93 year old relative has Jane and Henry’s son Henry born in Crossmolina, Co. Mayo, however in 1921, when claiming his old age pension, Henry stated that in 1851 the family were living Turin, Ballina. Unfortunately, the search came back as invalid but I suspect that is because the search was made under Turin near Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo instead of Tooreen which is just off the Ballycastle Road, approximately 6 miles from Ballycastle.

When did they arrive in Manchester?

It will probably be impossible to tie down exactly when they arrived in Manchester as there are no ship records which cover their journey from
Ireland to England. However it has been possible to paint a rough picture of their appearance in the Manchester area.

William & Ann Joynt (nee Ryall)

We know this family were living in the Manchester area in 1846 as William Joynt was appointed as a Police Constable on the
12th November 1846. One of their daughter’s died age 3 on the 4th May 1849. As I have been unable to find a birth registered in the English
Civil Registration for this child I suspect she was born in Ireland.

Dudley & Elizabeth Joynt (nee Hanna)

This couple first appear in the Manchester area in 1852 when their son William died age 1 year 10 months. As I have been unable to find a
birth registered in the English Civil Registration for this child I suspect he was born in Ireland. In August 1852 they were living on
Liverpool Road.

Henry and Jane Joynt (nee Joynt)

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when Jane first makes an appearance in Manchester although I have evidence that she was living in
the area in 1855 when she appears in the Slater’s Directory for Manchester described as a widow living at 6 Barton Street, Liverpool Road.
It would also appear her youngest son James was born approximately 1854 in Manchester. Unfortunately, at this moment in time I have
discovered neither a birth nor baptism to verify this which could indicate he was born in Ireland. Neither have I found a death for
Henry so can only assume, at this point in time that he had died in Ireland.